Ramblings – It’s Official – Geekazine Ready to go to CES

Well, I finally scraped up my quarters and nickels to get the and Hotel reservations for VEGAS BABY!! This will be my first ever trip to Vegas. It’s a little racking, but also extremely exciting.

I will be staying at the Monte Carlo. I am arriving at 11 AM PST on January 6th 2009. Will be there until 6:30 AM on January 12th. Hopefully there will be no snow in Vegas.

This will be an Awesome week with Todd Cochrane and Andy McCaskey. We will be running Back Channel, content and a lot more on the TechPodcasts Channel. In addition I will be pushing out photos and Blogs throughout the weekend.

The LIVE Show will still happen on Monday. Too bad I can’t do it from Vegas. I am not sure what I am going to do about the for Wednesday 1-08-09 just yet. I am thinking of recording when I get there – but I will have a 4 hour layover before I can get into my . Hopefully I can work out a deal or find a with Wi-fi or something.

Really quick since I’m Rambling, I would like to welcome all the new comers to the site from the last couple days. We have had some great numbers come through for the 2009 predictions and the last couple articles. It’s been a nice push for the end of the new year.

I calculated the numbers and found we’ve grown 600% from last year. YAY! Here’s to hoping we grow another 600% next year.

LIVE Show on Monday will have Rob from Zune. If you want to be on the panel, let me know.

That’s it for now – I am rejoicing the Packer Win.

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