Colin Furze Rides a Bike Armed With 1,000 Exploding Rockets

If you have been following , then you’ve seen him pull off all kinds of crazy stunts. How this guy isn’t permanently in the hospital or in a grave, I have no idea. If you have not been following this mad man, all you need to know is that he is fearless and possibly insane. In the video below, he rides a custom-built bike that is packed with 1,000 rockets. He’s not even wearing a helmet, though he does have a fireproof slab of foam strapped to his back.

Fire and explosives are nothing new to him, but this stunt is not one where he can stand at a safe distance away. He may be riding a bike, but this is just like having all of those strapped to his back. And it is a crazy amount of , because why go small? Watching him peddle away with exploding fire behind him is kind of like watching an action movie, except there’s more of a chance that things can go wrong here. It is also kind of comedic since Furze is not really an action movie hero. The size of the flames are amazing at times. In the end, he survives another day.

via Gizmodo

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