Day 1 with Ford Taurus SHO: Ford SYNC System

A rainy Wednesday morning – I sit in like an expectant father. A knock at the door and the dogs start barking uncontrollably. They always want to meet who’s at the door – and so did I. For today was a special ; I was getting a new car… Well, at least for a week.

Last month I was talking to the guys at Ford, looking to do an over-the-. However, they came back and said “Well, do you just want to drive the car around for a week?” That set me back a little. “Sure.” I replied.

That is what set this whole thing in motion.

The car arrived at the house about 10:45 A.M. A 2010 Grey Ford Taurus SHO with the built in . Signed some paperwork and I was off to the races!  I was ready to take this vehicle wherever it needed to go. The open road is waiting, and it’s itching to be scratched.

So I parked the car.

I had to. I needed to figure out all the to this powerful beast. Like, for instance, the pairing of the Bluetooth. Also, how to start the car, because it has no conventional key.

It’s a push-button start. I need to have the key in my possession, but just push on the brake and push the button. Pretty intuitive. I tried starting the car with the in different places. After all, you never know when you’ll leave it on the hood…

Sony Sound

Sony Sound on Ford SYNC

The dashboard was pretty impressive. Sony speakers all around; In the middle is the gadget of my desire (at least for the moment). The SYNC system is an ARM 11 processor, uses 256MB of and 2GB of flash memory, runs the Microsoft Auto operating system and speech technology by Nuance Communications.

First thing I did was pair the to the car. Couldn’t have been simpler – selected the device, entered the pin and the computer did the rest. I was listening to Blues Traveler within seconds.

Bluetooth to SYNC

Bluetooth to SYNC

I tried some other applications with it. The car wouldn’t allow texting from the SYNC system, but I could make phone calls or listen using different programs like Pandora or Stitcher. Very hands, and cable-free.

The SYNC system also contains GPS navigation, voice commands and Sirius XM system – all active. With a flick of the button, I was planning my trips, listening to quality satellite music and telling the car what to do.

Of course, that was all in the first hour. Today will be plotting and planning where I am going to take the vehicle. Also, what I am going to shoot for video. But first – lunch.

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