Day 3 Wrapup – HP Technology Forum

Well, yesterday’s video had some problems in the recording end. Too bad, I thought it was the best of the videos. The sound was the and it wasn’t fixable through filters like or .

Andy and I found a nice spot to go over the last of the . In , we produced 11 interviews and a few discussions. We caught all the and had about 3-4 booth interviews.

We also had a host of guests that helped out. Of course, the folks at HP and Ivy Worldwide. Then we had Kevin Houston from Blades Made Simple, John Obeto of AbsolutelyWindows, Stephen Fosket of Gestaltit, Frank Owen of Techvirtuoso and Jordan Spencer Cunningham of OSNews.

It was a great week of learning and . Now it’s time to mix down and put up on the web. Watch closely as we put up video in the next couple days!

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