Deeper Lock Bike Security Lock Makes Your Bike Extra Safe

Bike theft is a very common thing, sadly. These days thieves have more tools than ever in fact. It only takes a few seconds for a good thief to break your lock and be gone with your expensive bike. Luckily for bike riders, the ‘Deeper Lock’ Bike Security Lock is here to help. Unlike other locks and theft deterrents, this lock is permanently attached to your bicycle and can be activated to immobilize your bike.

Your typical lock only secures your bike to something else, or will lock up your tires if you run a cable through them with a lock. This is a more true anti-theft device since the thief can’t easily get rid of it.

The lock uses a loud alarm system that will sound if the bike is moved or if a thief tries to steal it. And if they do steal it, the GPS connectivity gives you a way to track it down. Does your old lock do that? Nope. The ‘’ Bike Security Lock connects to your smartphone so that you can remotely lock and unlock the system. It will also give you notifications if your bike is just being tampered with. Oh yeah, this handy “lock” will protect your bike like no other.

via Geeky-Gadgets

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