Energizer Brings Qi (Chee): Wireless Charger for iPhone, Blackbery 8900

Energizer Qi

Energizer Qi

In the last two years of going to the , we have seen our share of charging mats – most notably, Powermat. The idea is simple: place your device on the pad and let it charge.

Energizer – in cooperation with the Wireless Power Consordium (WPC) – have developed the Energizer Qi. It is a 2 bay mat to place your devices and let them charge.

For it’s release in October, it’s only the and Blackberry 8900 (with other devices coming soon). You slip on the case and set down the device. Once done charging, you take off the mat.

Qi symbol

Qi symbol

On the mat you will see the Qi symbol. Place the device on the symbol and the device will charge using conduction.

First Thoughts

The one thing I notice is the case covers the dock. I don’t see a way to charge or sync data unless you pull the case off it.

The is $89 for the mat, then about $35 per case. It’s a better price than , but it’s still pretty expensive for simple charging.

In charging batteries, you learn that the best thing to do is let the drain to almost nothing, then recharge. However, in today’s disposable market, we just continue to charge until the doesn’t work, then go get another device.

Technically, it’s still a cord plugged into the wall. It’s just that you don’t have to plug the phone in – you just have to plug the phone to the case, then set it on the mat plugged into the wall. Since you may not have both the iPhone and Blackberry 8900, there is nothing else that can be charged – for now.

Even with the PureEnergy Mats we saw at CES, they had so you could plug in an adapter to use the charger.

The Energizer Qi is a good start, but limited for the $124 price tag to charge a phone.

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