Facebook Like Button Turns 2 Years Old

Like Button


It was Feb 9, 2009 when Facebook turned on the . They were not the first company to “Like” something – Friendfeed has that honor. However, Facebook purchased Friendfeed, so it’s their technology anyway.

Two years later, we have gone through many discussions on this idea. Some people, for instance, want a “Dislike” button. Some people brought up issues of privacy when the “Like” button was pressed.

In the Facebook Blog by Leah Pearlman, she states how it started:

We’ve just introduced an easy way to tell friends that you like what they’re sharing on Facebook with one easy click. Wherever you can add a comment on your friends’ content, you’ll also have the option to click “Like” to tell your friends exactly that: “I like this.”

Either way, the Like button is synonymous to Facebook. So if you like it, let them know. You can start by “Like” this article below…

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