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Fretlight Guitars – Video Review

for TVazine, we go through a that I thought was all but lost. A couple months ago, a hard crashed and with it – a few of the reviews I did early on that were not published yet. However, I do back up systems, and found that this was saved in a backup I did the month before.

It was a copy that I already edited down, so I couldn’t put it into 720 , but I was able to do a little tweaking on it. I also am playing with some new title intros, so let me know if you like the new intro.

In the meantime, we review the Fretlight guitar – a special guitar that connects to the PC via , then lights up the fretboard to direct you on how to play certain songs. This guitar is great for learning and comes with to out.

We look at the guitar and where it stands as a musical instrument and a teaching tool.

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