Adi’s Weekly Gaming Pick – System Requirements Lab

Can You Run It from System Requirements Lab


After a long time away from the tech world I am back. I took a break so I could clear my head.

So for my first article that I wanted to write, I wanted introduce a new thing that I am doing here and that is my weekly gaming pick. This is something in gaming that’s really cool that I recommend checking out.

For the first edition, my gaming pick is the System Requirements Lab’s Can You Run It.  This is essentially a website where you can find out if your Windows PC will be able to run the game that you want to buy.  You might need to download some software to make this tool work. However, once you have downloaded said software you just click a button, then it scans to see what hardware you have in your system.They have a whole list of games to choose from which includes TitanFall and Call of Duty Ghosts.

Not only will it tell you if a particular game will run, but it will also tell you how well it will run on your PC with your current hardware.  It will even tell you what you might want to upgrade to make sure that it runs.

I’ve used it when getting Portal. At the time, I had a mid-range PC and was not so sure if my computer would run the game. So I went to Can You Run It and it told me that it would work really well on my PC.  So, the next time you’re buying a PC game, make sure you use system requirements lab to check if your PC can run it.

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