Geek Kon 08 – Thoughts

I didn’t get a good chance to spend time at Kon this year due to the schedule. That’s why I put down thoughts rather than a review. What I did make of it was pretty good. Lots of die-hards attended and most in costume.

The event brings Sci-Fi enthusiasts, pros and guild members together. There were many different events going on within the 2 buildings of the University. Discussions from local stars gone global – Luke Sienkowski (The Great Luke SKi), Matt Sloan and Aaron Yonda () and a lot more.

I was never a board gamer – I rolled the 100 sided die a couple times, but it was never my game. I did get into live action roleplaying, like the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism). Of course, video gaming has always been in and out of my life.

It was cool to walk into a room and see a bunch of SOCOMers, but then walk into another room and see people doing some basic video gaming. Old NES systems next to Wii’s and XBOX 360s. Was there even an old PONG system there?

The Miniature room had people talking and showing off their creations. I missed the Steam Century Mystery, which is a ‘Clue’ based live action game. You could even walk into the Viewing room and watch some of your favorite TV shows like Thundercats and Silverhawks.

There were many panels, from Doctor Who Q & A, Costuming, Anime Drawing to a rundown of the current SciFi schedule. If you wanted to talk about Whedon, you even had a panel for that. Go Dr. Horrible!

The only downfall is the event was split between two buildings and the gaming room was mapped out as best as possible, however I still got lost on rooms. Then again, I was running around to catch as much as I could.

Next year I will set aside more time to really be a part of the event. I’ll probably be the only one not dressed up….

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