Geekazine, Google Glass and the Week Ahead

Natalia Villalobos with Google Glass

Natalia with Glass

It’s going to be a fun week here at the Geekazine studios. On Tuesday, I make the to Los Angeles for 12 hours to pick up my . I head out 6 am and return 10:30 am on Wednesday. Then it will be lots of time around Madison showing off this to the public.

The schedule is going to hamper Geek Smack! and possibly iPad365 for the week. Right now, This Week in Google Glass will be recording on Wed. evening.  I’ll try to get shows out, but with everything happening I am guessing there will not be any time. Day in Tech History will not be affected.

Robert Scoble and I wearing Glass

and I wearing Glass

If you are in the and want to see Google Glass, feel free to contact me via Twitter @Geekazine or follow me as I’ll be trying to keep everyone updated on where I am.

Next week I’ll be taking a mini-vaca up in (by Wausau area). I am hoping to do a lot of offline .

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