Geekazine New Patreon Page: Be a Part of the Sconnie Geek Nation!

Geekazine has decided to venture into the crowdfunding game by joining Patreon. As we’re approaching 10 years of podcasting and , I have found the last couple years have not been as lucrative as in past. Cancelling a few events I attend for fresh content, I am now in a precarious situation as to the direction of the website and other properties.

By joining Patreon, I am asking you – the content viewer – to out with covering funds for my and travel. I have been able to do this for the last 9 years, heading to CES, SXSW, NAB, and more. I have also had some great success with other companies helping in this, but some of the companies are in a recessive year and not able to out.

But I always said that in order to have a funding page like Patreon, I would need to bring something to the table.

Sconnie Geek Nation


Join the Sconnie Geek Nation

I am proud to be a Wisconsinite. A “Sconnie” is someone who is either from Wisconsin, or loves a part of Wisconsin – from the sports teams, to the brats, and even the beer! So it made sense to create a group of “Sconnie Geeks” to join my community and help direct Geekazine for the next 10 years.

I decided to create some modest pledges so you can help without it hurting your pocketbook. As little as $1 a month (which comes down to 10 cents a video, or even less when you bring in the other podcast content I put out on vertical ) you can help me keep the lights on, upgrade my gear, and even go to shows.

The Sconnie Geek Badge

Before you ask “What is that?”, the badge is set in the shape of Wisconsin – more geometrically than anything. The look is retro because I feel the Sconnie Geek loves the 70’s and 80’s. Of course, over time this badge might change. For now, enjoy the interesting shape.

Sconnie Geek Rewards

T-Shirts, stickers, and much more will be created so you can show off your Sconnie Geek Pride. Some rewards show returns with these. Once I reach a number that can justify an order, I’ll be making them up. I might even just screen print the T-shirts because heck! I’m a Geek!

supportsgnWith this badge (left), you will be able to head to the Patreon page to the Sconnie Geek Nation. Otherwise, just head to you will learn more about this new initiative and be a part of the gang.

Want to Help Out in Other Ways?

I understand not everyone can help monetarily. In the past, Geekazine has had some great help in articles, joining in on video, and creating other content. Feel free to contact me so we can work something out!

See you on the Sconnie side!

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