Geekazine Partners with Mevio – Launches

Geekazine has been working with different vendors since in 2007. With Podcasts being part of the Techpodcast network, the video had a uncertainty to it.

That all has changed as we are now working with Mevio to produce Geekazine within. In preparation, we have launched – the official website for all Geekazine video.

Within the next we will be ramp up video content. We will be producing more , interviews, and backchannel content to show what it’s like at each event.

Mevio great shows like, Cranky Geeks, Mevio Tech (with Sumi Das) and other of Mevio Men, Mevio Women and Mevio Music.

The official :

Fitchburg, WI 5-26-09: Geekazine has been known for their views in technology. The Geekazine and Geekazine Quickcast (including ‘Week in Tech History’) have been in production since 2007.

Now, Geekazine has partnered with Mevio – – to host all their video content. Reviews, interviews, how-to and much more in a video content will be hosted over at Mevio.

To help bring more people to the , TVazine has been created. This will direct you to all the great content Geekazine offers.

“We expect some great things with Mevio taking care of video content” says Jeffrey Powers – of Geekazine. “We have been working hard building up a visual side of the podcast. With the and the new website to direct viewers, we feel stronger than ever.”

Other sites on the Geekazine Network include: Dorkazine – and now TVazine –

Press Release: Geekazine joins Mevio; Launches

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