Geekazine Podcast Ep. 1 on Internet Archive


For a while I have been wondering what I should do with my old Podcasts – After all, they should be somewhere for access, but where? Today I decided to put up Episode 1 on the Archive; a collective for archiving the World Wide .

It’s not a be-all/end-all for where my older shows are going to go. For now I will still have the old Podcasts in the exact same area as before. However, it’s always good to have another spot if you want to check out how the has progressed. For now I will be putting up the first few shows on the site.

If you listen to the 1st show, you will notice it is called “The Show”. I didn’t have “Geekazine” just yet. It also contains the intro of my previous – “The Independant Music ”. It’s a good meter of where the show has gone since October 2007.

Internet Archive is also responsible for the Wayback Machine – a that Archives your . I have a few archived there. You can see how a web site was like up to 10 years ago. This is for figuring out if your had a previous life.

Thanks to all involved for having a great outlet in the Internet Archive.

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