Guerrilla Marketing Geekazine Weekly Podcast, Day in Tech History – How to Do it?

In the last 72 hours, I have been asking “How do I Guerrilla Market the Geekazine Weekly and the Day in Tech History. I have been trying to figure out the best route without becoming annoying.

How do I Guerrilla Market my Podcast?

I started by small to sign up for Day in Tech History over at @dayintechhist. That helped, but I noticed @geekazine lose on it’s . Not a big deal because that number seems to fluctuate daily.

The average website will say: If you want more , then comment on other sites. That is a great idea, but I have also seen it turn ugly. One or two people start cutting you down because you are promoting your website. Things like “Who do you think you are” and “Great: another cross-poster”.

Is Guerrilla Marketing of podcasts a good thing, or ?

You will always get those who don’t like what you say. If you can get over that quick and not visit everyone’s home like Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, you should be good.

Surveys – Will they help?

I’ve done surveys before. The biggest problem is people either are anonymous and brutal, or known and nice. Every now and then I get a person that says something I take to heart. But then again, others may have said it, but it took that one time to soak in.

Online Marketing vs. Foot Traffic

I always said – Put local community first. They are your base to draw from. But then again, you have the “Amway MLM way”: Back in the days I was in Amway, they suggested to make sure you get some of your downline in another state. If you grow different branches, you can work different angles, different markets.

The Person with the most data, wins.

I believe this to be true. If you build your email list and your Twitter followers, it should come into fruition, right? Every now and then you get someone who doesn’t read the “This is what you do to unsubscribe” and they spam you with emails to remove. That and you clean up your emails to remove all the .ru and [email protected] whatever the address is dot com.


I have Geekazine in a few key places in Madison. Whether people read it or not, I don’t know. Maybe do the bumper sticker thing? I thought about handing out business cards that just have “” on them. But what will get noticed the most?

What are your tips to Guerrilla Podcasting?

Do you have a tip for this? Please leave a comment below or contact me from the contact page

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