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How to Bump, Madison WI. Social Media Club Kickoff Party

During the party – I got to talking to part of the at the Social Media Club – Madison, WI. chapter. Jessica Binder is the party planner, which we started talking about events. I (in my infinite wisdom) didn’t have a to give her. I noticed she had an , so I suggested we “bump”. She did not know what that was, so we setup and configured the application.

During that time, the chair of MadisonSMC – Marlena Deutsch stopped by to find out what was going on. She, too did not know about this iPhone application. Therefore, we installed and setup her device with the software and collected contact information.

Marlena did ask a great question – is there a field to put in Twitter info. I did a quick scan, but could not find any other place than the nickname.

In this backchannel video, we go through the bump application and learn how to swap contact info with just the tap of a phone.

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