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HP Data Vault – Installing Apache, PHP, MySQL as a Sandbox

I have been trying to think outside the box on this install. The Data is great for backing up data, but it could easily do more. For instance, it can run as an Intranet, or website Sandbox.

In this video, Jeffrey Powers shows you how to configure your HP Data Vault to to run Apache, MySQL and PHP – while continuing to run Internet Information Service (IIS). We talk about configuration to the HTTP and the SSL levels in both sides and how to make them work in . Finally, we show you through a (Joomla) instance how the Data Vault handles both sides.

With the and of the Data Vault, this machine could be a quick solution. It could sit on a Web Developers’ , or power a small business Intranet, Asset tracking program, Help software or whatever you want to throw at it.

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