HP Still #1 in PC Sales, Lenovo Takes 2nd. Why Did HP Want to Sell Again?


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Gartner put out a report this week showing the top manufacturers world-wide. While Lenovo has overtaken 2nd place from , HP still is the world-wide leader. So why did HP want to sell this division?

HP has been in the news for the last few weeks. Then CEO, Leo Apotheker, announced that HP was looking to split off and sell their PC division. Since then, Leo was fired, Meg Whitman replaced him and now they are re-analyzing if they should still go forward with that idea.

states that Worldwide PC shipments totaled 91.8 million units in the third quarter of 2011, a 3.2 percent increase from the third quarter of 2010.

“As the PC market faced a slowdown, vendor consolidation has become a more apparent trend in the industry. Lenovo’s recent merger with NEC, and its acquisition of Medion, as well as HP’s announcement that it may spin off or sell its PC business, underlined this trend during the quarter.”

HP Q3 shipments were at 16,231,528 units (taking 17.7% market share and up by almost 1 million from 2010). Lenovo shipped 12,352,194 and Dell shipped 10,676,360.

Where is ?

Well, Apple is part of the “Others” (37,786,865). But Apple has always stated their computers were more about quality over quantity. But looking at the US PC sales, we find some different numbers.

  1. HP – 5,132,614
  2. Dell – 3,886,864
  3. Apple – 2,300,000
  4. – 1,486,100
  5. Group – 1,378,768
  6. Other – 3,580,989
This shows that  Apple is #3 to HP and Dell. Lenovo, who is #3 Worldwide, was not on the top 5 in the US.
Asia saw a 6% increase, Latin America saw a 19.6% increase. Gartner mentions that these are still Preliminary, but it is definite there is still PC growth.
So maybe PC’s are not dead yet. Maybe HP should seriously look at keeping the company. Then again, these numbers could easily reverse next year, or even in Q4.
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