HP Storage Tech Day: Software-Defined Storage, StoreVirtual, StoreOnce VSA Deep Dive

HP Storage Tech Day

HP Storage Tech Day

In this third part of the HP Storage Tech Day, we learn more about Software-Defined Storage, then we deep dive into StoreVirtual, StoreOnce and Storage Management – OpenStack Integration. All of these focused on SDS strategy.

Dale started by talking about StoreVirtual. He talks about the example of the new style of IT – control, data services and to give you a system and rich storage services.

HP has been watching what is in the market and they found people are asking how they can re-use equipment or squeeze a little more out of this new system. That is where Software Defined Storage comes in. Something that is Hypervisor independent. Along with SDDS you have service refined storage – multi-tennant, virtualized that becomes unpredictable in determining storage.

John Shields came up and talked about StoreOnce . This scale-out data protected system for SMB, Enterprises, ROBO or , StoreOnce becomes a versatile data protection platform. Starting with HP to the StoreOnce B6200, you have a StoreOnce platform that works.

Lee came up to talk about Converged Storage Management. He shows us the new challenges for the IT professional. Doing more with less people, reducing time management systems, vendor quality with speed and low price and systems that talk to each other. By using Converged , they are looking to accomplish a and build it ONCE. This will help solve convergence for all of primary and backup storage.

Finally, Sam Fineberg talks about OpenStack Integration – working with cloud technology. They want to integrate the API for all to use as a dynamic ecosystem. OpenStack can plug-in to many technologies. With many , this will connect with storage so you can run programs and get information back in a timely and efficient manor.

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