HP TechCast Ep 1: Tornadoes Above SNW [Podcast]

HP TechCast


In the inaugural podcast of HP TechCast, Calvin Zito talks with:

Ray Lucchesi – Silverton Consulting

Howard Marks – Deep storage test lab

Calvin Zito – HP Storage Guy

Rick Vanover – IT Pro Blogger at Rickatron

They talk about the (SNW) in Dallas, TX. The group discusses the changing , how are not going away anytime soon, and more. All while pass right above them!

That’s !

HP TechCast is a podcast where Enterprise professionals meet with Bloggers to talk about trends in IT. The bloggers have a chance to get questions answered and learn a little more about the new technologies coming out.

If you are a that would like to be part of this event, email [email protected] or @geekazine or @hpstorageguy

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