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Installing Windows 7 on Ubuntu 9.04 – TVazine

VPC and are two great programs that allow me to do a lot. , and in some cases, Mac (although there are still legal issues with that). VPC is great because then you can have your computer loaded up with more than one and be able to get work done.

I have installed Ubuntu on my Windows machines, but when I heard that Windows 7 will have a VPC-XP feature; I thought to myself – “Can XP be run in a within Ubuntu?” Then I thought even more – “Can Windows 7 run in an Ubuntu environment?”

My question got answered quickly – Even better is that it was a program that worked similar to VPC.

VirtualBox OSE is a Virtual PC program that works in the x86 environment. It is a program developed by and can be installed in Windows, Mac and Linux . Best part is it’s a breeze to set up and use.

Therefore, I went on with my challenge: install Windows 7 on Ubuntu.

Windows 7 on Ubuntu

Windows 7 on Ubuntu

The following video shows how I did it, the difficulties (which were none) and the .

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