Intel Ivy Bridge CPU Expected Q2 2012, No CES Debut.

While it’s always best to show off an item at the Consumer Electronics Show (), Intel’s launch of the Ivy Bridge CPU might not be there. New reports believe the next generation CPU will be released Springtime, . This is the CPU that will be in their forcasted Ultrabook they announced earlier this year.

Due to some unexpected company delays that are still remained not elaborated, Intel admitted the schedule is too tight for them.  They don’t want to rush the launch since they are still in their first pace of production.

“Computing is in a constant state of ,” stated Intel’s President and CEO, Paul Otellini, describing the opportunities and challenges facing Intel and the industry on the original . “The unprecedented demand for computing from the client devices to the cloud is creating significant opportunity for the industry. Intel is innovating and working with our partners to deliver computing experiences that are more mobile, secure and seamless. I’m excited about the new experiences that will be created across a range of devices, and we’re just getting started. “

Reports said that Intel started mass-producing Ivy Bridge CPUs and could be widely offered to the public by . Intel should be able to begin its shipment from its factory of motherboards in Taiwan by the end of that might be a good timing for the launch of this new generation CPUs.

Understood delay of launching is related to some more added works done to comprise it’s new 22 nm CPU’s. The forecasted first advertising introductions of Ivy Bridge processors are reportedly focusing on both dual and quad core variants, together with new chipsets; instead of the current versions Z8 and P67 with the upcoming Intel Z77 and Z75. Those sources also reported that TDP – models would probably be 35W and 55W while the quad cores will come with TDP ratings of 45W, 65W, and 77W.

In the meantime, it’s reported that Apple – in light of this situation – silently updated their Mac lines. Improved speeds now up to 2.4 GHz, and an improved Raideon graphics card in the 15″ models.

While Intel states they won’t be ready until  Spring, I would guess there will be a couple prototypes at CES. After all, with an event like that, you want to have something present for people to awe at.

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