Isn’t it ironic? – Cnet Cuts Jobs

Don’t you think? yesterday laid off 4.5% of their workforce – 120 in the department (US) were “Streamlined”. The difficult decision was made so the company could get back on track.

What is Ironic about it? Well, if you search online, you will notice one major source missing. In fact, I went to their website and search specifically on the subject and found nothing.

Cnet news isn’t reporting of the layoff.

Why not? Do you think this will “hide” the fact that you did it? Maybe they just laid off the person that normally does it. At any rate, you are a news organization – REPORT!

Layoffs are a part of the game. If it wasn’t for layoffs in 2002, I probably wouldn’t be where I am now. Maybe Geekazine wouldn’t exist.

It was pretty interesting in how I searched throughout CNet at that not one word was said. I found the Layoff article, the layoff blog, the .com layoff bit. Even in the “Related news from other sites” there wasn’t mention of the CNet layoff.

I put CNet News high on my list of readings. Most sites do “News Regurgitation” – they just say the same 2 paragraphs that the AP or Reuters spit out. Or they put in a paragraph and link to the article on another site. has a lot to offer – News, reviews, pictures and a lot more that Geekazine simply doesn’t have the resources to do. In fact, for the regular podcast if I had to choose between CNet and “Bob’s tech news”, I would most likely go with the leader.

This is not a cut on CNet. I understand why they have to trim their work force. However, I believe they should not ignore any news, even if it affects the company.

World Wrestling Entertainment  ( will post a quick blurb on their front page when a wrestler is released. If they have the kahunas to do it, CNet should follow in those footsteps… and bodyslams… and piledrivers….

Anyway – Like I said before, this is news, not a cut on CNet. I don’t think poorly of CNet and neither should the 120 that got laid off. Remember – Cnet is doing this to get back in the game. You never know if you’ll be right back in the same position six months from now – maybe for even more money.

By the way – Geekazine is looking for people to write for the site. If there are any people interested, contact me. 608-205-4378.

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