Jim Beam’s Smart Decanter Offers Shots On Demand

Despite our technological advancements, mankind still has to pour his own shots and to be honest, that’s a bit disappointing. Well, those days of manual shot pouring are over and guess who we have to thank for that? of course. Was there any doubt that it would have been anyone else? The all-new from is called JIM, naturally.

It makes it possible for drinkers of a legal drinking age to simply say “Hey Jim” to get a shot. A shot of is instantly poured on command. It’s like Alexa’s much cooler Uncle. This smart voice-activated decanter has a built-in compartment for storage and features the voice of Jim Beam’s seventh generation master distiller Fred Noe.

The limited-edition JIM will cost you just under $35, which is not bad at all. This isn’t some astronomically priced gadget just for the rich. This is for any of us who would like a shot of bourbon on demand. Jim Beam says that “3G capabilities will expire after roughly six months and ‘JIM’ will turn back into a regular decanter.” So, I guess the magic won’t last forever, but it will be fun while it does.

via Jim Beam

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