Lynx Video-Enabled Robot With Amazon Alexa

One day robots may well wipe us humans off the face of the Earth, but until then, we can enjoy being the masters. One of the latest slaves that we can make dance on our whim is Robotics’ , a video-enabled humanoid that can be activated by carrying out a conversation with none other than .

This voice-activated robotic companion uses both Amazon Alexa’s skills and UBTECH’s robotics to enrich your life. Features include a smartphone-connected Surveillance Mode, Avatar Mode, it can also dictate, listen to and send emails for you, place video calls over Wi-Fi, manage your calendar, give you alerts and much more. All while being cute and acting like your best buddy. The Surveillance Mode in the app will take a 30 second video if the PIR sensor on the chest is activated.

This little robot is a great companion to have around the house and will help you to carry out a variety of tasks. It will share weather forecasts, create shopping lists and probably make life a little more fun while giving you a chuckle. It has some really cool dance and yoga moves in it’s repertoire too. It should keep you entertained while being very useful.

via Ubtrobot

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