Madison Social Media Club Foursquare Pub Crawl Entertaining, Educational

Madison SMC Foursquare Pub Crawl

Madison SMC Foursquare Pub Crawl

On Wed, September 29th, 2010, the Madison Social Media Club held their first Foursquare pub crawl. Included were 4 venues that were big Foursquare stops in the . Logans, State Street , Ian’s Pizza and Barriques.

We started by an Intro with Wendy Soucie, followed by a little education of Foursquare and how to obtain by . Then it was off to talk with people, eat, drink and check in.

It was an interesting night that was spawned by the application. We were able to see everyone that checked in and added them as friends.

I didn’t receive any new badges (because I had most of the ones we could get). I did meet some new peers and talked a lot about Social networking.

Ian’s Pizza was the most interesting stop of the group. Between open mic night and Mac & Cheese pizza, it was a very entertaining hour. I got to talk with the MadisonSMC group and learn a little more about the meetings, including the one I had to miss with Blog maven Chris Brogan.

Pizza on the FourSquare Pub Crawl

Pizza on the FourSquare Pub Crawl

Each stop brought in a couple prizes to win. I won a monocle, which was one of 4. Along with the top hat, I felt like I was on a board.

Barriques was an interesting end to the night. The shop had a lot of Steampunk art. From the staircases to the mangled tricycle in the window. The Key Lime Pie was pretty good, too.

In all, this was a successful pub crawl. Nobody got drunk and we all got to add a few friends to Twitter and Foursquare. I cannot wait for the next event!

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