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Madison Wisconsin Social Media Club Kickoff Party

On Wednesday, the Social Media Club Madison chapter held their first kickoff meet at the Brocach by the Capitol. About 125 were in attendance as the was introduced. We met one another and learned a lot about how everyone can work together.

The sponsors of the event created gift bags for the registered guests. Each table had products and a sign that said either , Flickr, or YouTube. You had to sit at each station and write out how you would promote the products on your given Social Network site. However, with the larger turnout, it was more difficult to move around, therefore I am not sure if they got the response they expected for that social game.

I went through the crowd and talked to a lot of Social Media and PR people. I ran into a few of the Web608 group who were also mingling. An interesting conversation about Twitter and their between myself, Nick and Brandyn. I also showed part of the board the application “bump” – to share contact information. The video will be forthcoming.

The Social Media Club started by Chris Heuer and Kristie Wells. The first chapter was launched on August 16, 2006 to bring all artists, creators, journalists, students, public relations and more together. The initial membership is free – with business and group memberships available.

In this video, we meet the Board of Directors for the Madison WI chapter of the Social Media Club. I took some backchannel on the event.

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