If Mad Men Were Social Networks [Infographic]


Last night was the season premier of Mad Men, a look at the ad men of Madison avenue in the 50’s and 60’s. The story follows Don Draper, who is the up-and-coming ad star, who has in his closet.

As I was watching, I thought: What would happen if these characters were in today’s environment? How would their lives be changed?

Of course, no smoking in the office, the attire would be slightly different, and there would be a lot of technology. IBM selectrics would be replaced with laptops and tablets.

I started thinking of , and how they would change it. That brought me to this idea; what social network do the main characters really fit? It was interesting, because they all seemed to fit perfectly in their square holes.

Bertram Cooper: BBS

Bertram Cooper has seen the birth of Madison Avenue, and has built an empire through tradition, and meticulous planning.Now, as the senior parnter, he gives his wisdom and knowledge to the new generation.

Roger Sterling:

Roger Sterling epitomized the next era, but is now overshadowed by Don. He was the man behind Lucky Strike. Now that his star is gone, he is trying to find his way. Sometimes, trying to glaum on to Pete Campbell’s work.

Don Draper:

With a questionable past, Don Draper turned it to his advantage to create an empire. Businesses want his leadership and know- ledge, although he is as lost as the rest of us.

Joan Halloway:

Joan Halloway knows what is going on. She likes to keep her finger on the pulse of the office and hates when she is not part of it. She works well with everyone, and brings a certain “jena se qua” to the group.

Peter Campbell: +

As the new gun, Peter Campbell is hungry for stature in the office. He continues to climb the ladder, looking for respect from his elders. He will eventually rise to the top, but not without making some mistakes first.

Lane Pryce: LinkedIn

The CFO of Sterling Cooper Draper Price, Lane Pryce keeps the company on track. He tries to show his professional side at all times, while still being a trusted colleague. Originally from England, he was (and still is) an embassador to overseas relations.

Peggy Olson: Pinterest

Peggy Olson is the modern day woman – working hard to gain aknowledgement. She has her issues, but does not openly express them. She is outgoing, and visualizes what she wants.

Other notable characters would be Kevin Cosgrove: Yelp, Harry Crane: Get Glue, and Salvatore Romano: Instagram (a character no longer on the show, but would be cool if he came back).

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If MadMen Were Social Networks Infographic

If Mad Men Were Social Networks

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