Microsoft Makes Project Spark Free on XBox One and Windows 8.1 PCs

Project Spark

Earlier on in the year, you might remember that Microsoft announced a game called . It allows players to create their own games and worlds (including a pinball game).  It’s been in beta for a while now, but it has finally become a full, finished game.

Better still, Microsoft have released the game and it’s available right now for the and Windows 8.1. Additionally, I am really glad to report that Project Spark is going to be to download! Incidentally, there will also be a phsyical version that you can buy with

This seems like quite an interesting move in that they already own Mojang(the people behind Minecraft). However, it also seems like they are trying to compete with other games such as LittleBigPlanet. Incidentally, there is also a trend of games that are based around user-generated content so it also makes sense for Microsoft to get into this space. That said, I am not sure if they’ve acted too late to make a splash. Even if they do, they will have to make quite a big one with Project Spark to do so.

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