National Podcast Post Month and Podcast Madness = Winning month!


November is the month to ramp up the shows. I have been working on a new Podcast Madness contest – slated to start next week. If you are a podcaster, you should participate in this contest. I send you a code you can give to your . They put the code in and therefore a chance to win.


However, the National Podcast Post Month is simple: One a day for 30 days. I normally do that with the Day in Tech History anyway, but I am going to ramp up some other stuff to try and surpass the 34 I would normally do. I suppose with the video, it’s more like 38 a month, so I figure 50-60 would be a good number to hit.

I do have a few from Blogworld New Media Expo that I have to put out. I will also try to get AppWild going this month. In all, this should be a great month for Podcasts!

But why put out the challenge if no one is listening. Therefore, I am encouraging all of you to LISTEN to a new podcast a day for 30 days. Find out all the great shows out there. Get involved and call in to those shows. Make people know you are listening.

To all participating, with your challenge. I am rooting for ya. And adding the contest will help.

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