Netflix DVD’s Are Due Today as Prices Change, Will They Charge for non-Returned?

Netflix Price Change

Price Change

Update 6:18 EST: Twitter users report Netflix is asking $14 per title if disc(s) are not returned.

Update 6:28 pm EST: Starz announces they will cease content distribution through Netflix starting Feb 28, 2012.

Today is the day. Did you make the change on your Netflix account? Are you going to pay $16 or more for ’s you don’t watch? Are you going with the option?

Two months ago, Netflix made the announcement they were upping the prices. If you joined at that time, you were given a choice – $7.99 for streaming and $7.99 for 1 DVD with a combo package of $15.98. If you were already a subscriber, then you could hold off until September 1st to make the changes.

Well, September 1st is here.

So now it’s time to put up or move on. Will you do streaming only? Will you do DVD’s only? Both or will you just cancel altogether?

I personally chose the “ Only ” option. With Redbox being $1 a day movie rentals, and as little as I rent, I think that is perfect.

Time for Netflix to beef up the streaming movies

If Netflix’s streaming library has been as lame as I’ve seen lately, I might just get rid of the service altogether. We have a series of B movies that you wouldn’t watch anyway. I look at the New Arrivals and can tell you there is only one thing I want to watch from that list.

With a beefed up list, they might just keep some of those people upset with this price change. After all, if you don’t watch the shows, why subscribe to the service?

Could You Get Charged for Not Returning DVDs?

If you choose the streaming only option, you might want to find your latest discs and return them. I don’t see any nomenclature stating they will charge you if the DVD is not returned after a period of time, but I assume they will try. The only charge I saw was a “I got a damaged DVD and willing to pay for it” – Which is a $14 charge.

I remember older TOS (back in 2002). I had a DVD damaged and they tried to charge $60 at the time. Those prices have changed since then, but I would still guess that if they don’t get the DVD back, you might see a charge on your billing statement.

It may be a necessary price change, but once again, if people don’t see value, they’ll jump ship. I would also guess the Netflix call center will also see a blast of phone calls asking why the prices have changed.

So what are you going to do? Stream? DVD? Both?

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