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Jeff Powers clean shaven

clean shaven

ago I chose to grow my out. It was going to be for a promotion that never happened (the chose not to do it). Since then, I decided to grow out the goatee. It was not the first time I did that but this was the first time I let it grow this long.

Now, #3YearsInTheMaking – I decided to make the change. I took off the excess and my goatee was back to a normal length. I was fine with that until…

Jennifer said “I’ve never seen you clean shaven”.

I thought to myself – I went this far, I can do the rest. So I shaved it all off. I figure it’ll grow back in a . Why not give her this look now?

What Happens from Here?

It’s possible I’ll grow it out again. Probably not to the length I had it, though (which was around 10-11 inches). For now, I’ll bring back the goatee in the next couple weeks. In the meantime, I have to get used to the clean shaven me…

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