New Twitter Page, iPhone App: First Look, Keyboard Shortcuts

Today, Twitter announced a new redesigned webpage. Easier to use, faster loading and more content. I take you through a video walk-through of the new Twitter page. (You can see the preview at

We look at the three new options on top – Home, @Connect and #Discover. The Discover page is the biggest redesign of the three. It takes a collection of hashtags and gives you a more graphical view of them. For instance, #NewNewTwitter was a top hashtag, so we saw an article on this.

I also use the search options and pulled up @caffination profile.

Keyboard Shortcuts on Twitter

The Twitter redesign comes with a list of keyboard shortcuts you can use to make your navigation experience a lot easier. For instance, type “G” then “U” and you can enter a person’s profile.

Twitter on

I also show you a bit of the new Twitter iPhone (yes, there is also a new app, too – but no just yet). I have set up all my Twitter handles on it (@geekazine, @dayintechhist and @ipad365), but really want the old Tweetdeck back. Unless Twitter will make columns like Tweetdeck did…

Maybe with these new changes, Alec Baldwin will decide to come back to Twitter. But if not, at least we all can enjoy the new redesign, and maybe some better episodes of 30 Rock…


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