Nexia Introduces RoomIQ and Trane XL724 To Make Your Smart Home More Comfortable

Nexia has introduced a few new products at CES this year that will help keep your smarthome nice and comfy: and Trane XL724. is a system that offers those with active lifestyles a better way to do everything in the home. Let’s face it, we have better things to do and a smarthome can take care of itself.

RoomIQ will use the system’s Nexia-enabled and Nexia smart home triggers to customize your heating and cooling. This is not just scheduling, it also adapts the comfort control to the occupied rooms of the home. Maybe you are all gathered in the living room watching a movie. It gives you the perfect comfort levels by taking cues from the Nexia system: motion detection, flip of light switches or any other trigger that you determine when a room is occupied, then makes sure the comfort in these rooms is a priority over other rooms in your home. So wherever you are, you will be happy. It’s almost as if good weather is following you from room to room.

RoomIQ will work with Trane’s new ZSENS930 Wireless Temperature Sensor, which reports the temperature and humidity. That info allows RoomIQ to determine what temperature standard meets your needs. These wireless sensors are Z-Wave compatible and designed to be paired with Trane’s existing thermostats and HVAC systems. Users can customize settings from their iOS or Android smartphones using the Nexia app.

Next up is the Trane XL724, a programmable, touch-screen thermostat with WiFi connectivity. This device will remotely control your home’s temperature to fit your lifestyle, while reducing your energy consumption and saving you money. This thermostat can be controlled from your smartphone, tablet or computer and is fully compatible with Nexia Diagnostics as well, for remote monitoring by licensed HVAC professionals. It will create up to four different schedules within a day and gives you advanced control using Nexia’s geofencing feature.

You and your home are going to love these products.

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