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The Death Dial

The Death Dial

I came across a game quite recently on my Google+ stream. Someone was talking about a fun, strangely philosophical flash game they had found called The End. So I thought I’d give it a shot. And surprisingly, they were right.

This game is cleverly disguised as a cute innocent flash game with platforming elements. However there is something much deeper at work here. And I’m not referring to the mini game you play against a grotesque creature to obtain items. At the end of each level you are asked a very personal philosophical question. How you answer won’t make you win or lose. What it’s meant to do is help pin down your thought process on what they call The Death Dial. This tracks not only where you fall on the scale they have made but you can see where people are located globally, you can connect to Facebook and see where those friends are, or my favorite, you can see which famous thinker you are the closest to. If you investigate further you can learn more about that thinker and some key attributes they had as well as related thinkers.

I’m still messing around with this game and it’s pretty fun. Give it a shot if you’re curious where you lie on The Death Dial.

The End Game

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