Power of Woot: How Woot Drove Traffic to Geekazine

Geekazine Stats April 21

Geekazine Stats April 21

Geekazine has modest, but good traffic to the site. With the help of video and what the writers do in this space, I bring a good number to the board. But today, something happened that blew me away. Over 10x my normal traffic – and still going. All because of a Forum Post.

So I got home at about 12:30 A.M. from a calm night. After an hour of preparing podcasts, I got up on Geekazine to check yesterday’s numbers. What was interesting was I hit my daily average for today only an hour and a half from Day’s start. I noticed the post was for a video we did at CES 2009 – the Hantech Tablo. It’s a device you connect to your and turn into a . I was happy I hit my numbers for the day and then went to bed.

However, it didn’t stop from there.

The original post for the Hantech Tablo CES 2009

The picture above was screen captured at about 3:30 EST. I had 10 times the traffic of a normal day. Now keep in mind, Geekazine gets a decent , but this line makes the site look nobody visits it on a .

I checked the host of the video that accompanies this post. Those numbers were through the roof, too. I started to wonder if put out some .

How this happened:

Well, in closer look to the stats, I found a lot of views came from Woot! – a site that sells items at discount price. Their main item for the day was the Hantech Tablo for $39.99.

Woot Bargain of the Day - Hantech Tablo

of the Day - Hantech Tablo

However, the stats didn’t come from the . They came from the accompanied Woot! forum post. There, on page 4, was the link to this video.

The Power of Woot!

I remember first hearing about this site when I signed up on Twitter. The Woot! deal of the day was always sold out by time I got to it. Slowly, more and more people started talking about this site. “I bought …. for only $20 at Woot!”

I never really paid much attention to the site until today. If it could boost my traffic like that in one day for one post, imagine what it would do if that was the case every day.

I thank the Woot! poster for linking to the site. It’s been a really cool day. I hope everyone stays for the hors devours.

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