RVNN.TV Live – Dusseldorf, Folding Swivel Chairs

A few weeks ago, the Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) was in Madison, WI. My good friend Andy McCaskey – who heads up RVNN.tv now – asked me to go over and report from the event. I loaded up the camera and headed over to this event for all active RV and motor coach owners.

From the event I recorded several videos that are being featured on RVNN.tv right now. Today, on RVNN Live, Andy and Courtney Wallin spend a few minutes talking and information in the RV community. of Hurricane Irene and a great dish network and Dusseldorf RV show.

My interview with David from Revolve Chairs is at the 30 minute mark. Learn about these great swivel chairs for those of you outdoor people. Of course, there are more interviews by me over the next few weeks.

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