Smart Capture Binoculars

are great for getting an upclose view of the action if you are far away, whether it’s a sporting event or if you are just bird watching. But one thing that they have never been able to do is record that action so you can check it out at your convenience later. Well, luckily we are living in the 21st century and has access to the ‘eyeQ‘ smart capture binoculars. They are have been designed to offer users the ability to get an up close view of an event just like standard binoculars, while also allowing you to record and share it with friends using your smartphone.

The ‘’ binoculars will capture both images and with up to 16x zoom using the wireless touch control on the top of the device. Now that we have binoculars that can record , I think maybe we have everything we can and made everything smart.I’mpretty sure we have covered everything now.

This accessory makes for a more immersive experience compared to regular binoculars. It will deliver up to 12 hours of use per charge and enables you to upload footage to Pi Cloud Storage as well. Sports fans will love this one.

via Thegadgetflow

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