Spring Forward – Daylight Savings Time

Just wanted to remind everyone that the clocks go FORWARD one hour tonight. What does that mean? It means you should probably stock up on liquor because some of the bars will close an hour earlier.

Seriously. was issued to keep people safe and to save energy. It’s practice goes a lot earlier, but started on March 31st, 1918. It has been suggested that Ben Franklins’ “Early to Bed, Early to Rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise” was coined to save on things like candles.

Last year, DST came 3 weeks earlier in hopes to save on energy. The results have come back and we found that it only slightly saved money. So the question is – will it switch back anytime soon?

Most likely not. You would have to argue that keeping it as it is would cost a lot more than moving it. After all, a lot of IT departments were hit last year with the DST switch. And although it wasn’t as tedious as the Y2K bug, it still was something that needed to be planned and implemented, which cost companies thousands of dollars.

So drink up! Then rise and shine a whole hour earlier. Because, well… it WON’T be an hour earlier.

Don’t worry. You’ll get the hour back in the fall…

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