TechCrunch Disrupt SF: Day Two Highlights 9-12-11

The second day of Disrupt saw a new line of startups in . That meant more interviews, which is always great.

We saw companies that were creating books, bringing you fashion, keeping you healthy, helping with your small business and more! We interviewed a kid who created a startup in DoWeet, a 20 year old who’s app lets you create quests and an application that lets you convert gift cards so you can pay your bills.

was there again, talking with investors. Ashton Kutcher was one of the interviewees – Ashton is an investor in certain startups himself. Kevin Rose also talked about Milk and we saw many great CEO’s like John Ham from who were talking about their rise and judging the new startups.

was most excited, because the rapper Chamillionaire was there. They got together with the Black Tech Entrepreneurs and talked about why more African-Americans are not investing.

The evening was a series of parties with investors and companies. Talked to many startups who are working their business plan. One in particular had a startup that rented out your textbooks.

It was a great second day and another bunch of video. Then it’s a quick sleep and I’m hopping on a plane to get back to .

Thanks to for a fun half-week, TechCrunch Disrupt for a look at some great startups and  all the startups that we talked to. Thanks especially to Adria, who inspired me to come out to Disrupt!

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