TechPodcasts CES: Partner with Us for Live Stream Coverage of CES 2011!


as 2011: Coverage

CES 2011 is just around the corner. Of course, we at the Techpodcasts Network have a great opportunity as we are Live Streaming the whole weekend.

A crew of a dozen will descend on in January to record all the cool new items. However, this year we will be able to bring it back to home base – 35176 of South Hall Upper level.

This is a humongous undertaking. Because of this, we are looking for companies to partner with to make this show happen.

This is the opportunity of the that will deliver millions of impressions to those companies that we team up with.

If you are a company looking to make an impression, or if you know of a company that is looking for opportunity, then being a part of the CES11 will be a great way to jumpstart anything.

Check out the Tech Podcast Network CES 2001 Sponsor Opportunity.

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