That HP x310 Data Vault Saved My Butt Last Week…

x310 and x510 side by side

x310 and x510 side by side

7-21 editors Note: Small mistake on verbage. It said backing up is detrimental instead of Fundamental. Thanks to Tom for pointing it out…

A few weeks ago, I noticed a small problem with my system. A hard disk issue was afoot. I made some quick changes and got back to stable, while I waited for . However, I did back up with and I also backed up on the x310 Data .

Then, it happened. Disk 1 went down. The new disks were here and being prepped, so when it happened, I had to make a quick change. Especially since I had a phone meeting in an hour.

I swapped the drives out, reinitialized and got the missing drives back. I then did the restore through Windows . Within an hour, all 600 of active data was restored.

The best part was the speed. An hour to get things back to normal. Not saying that Mozy couldn’t have restored my files, but I didn’t have the on-site backup finished just yet. I would have been downloading the files for a few hours, if not a few days.

I still have some small bugs to work out and the OS drive needs to be swapped out with a larger drive. However, I am stable once again for now.

The importance of backing up is fundamental. That is why I back up in many ways. I didn’t loose anything and got back up and running in about 2 hours.

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