4th Annual Geekazine and Friends 2011 Predictions

It’s that time of the year again. Time for us all to put on the Turbans and come up with some weird assumptions that we can predict the future. So without further ado, here is this year’s predictions:

Paul Muller – Caffination Podcast

First the guarantee,

  • The next apple iPad will have a front facing camera. Not too much of leap of faith here on this one but they would be absolutely daft to not do this.
  • Comcast will win its struggle to charge for unequal peering. Which sucks
  • launch on VZW in Q1, to large press coverage but really will only effect at&t subscriber numbers

The probable.

  • Devices will outnumber apple iOS devices by June. With the introduction of true iPad competitors in tablet form.
  • Microsoft will re-release / reintroduce the UMPC concept to a market that now craves tablet devices.
  • will debut on android by June
  • A bit far-fetched, but doable
  • Netflix buys to add a component
  • I will become elected supreme ruler of the internet, without ever having run


  • Due to a down season coffee prices will rise. Starbucks will start expanding again

Thoughts: Very good job, Supreme Ruler Paul. Netflix is definitely in a good place to liquidate Blockbuster – with and , this could actually happen. Only conflict is Blockbuster outside the US, which operate separately.


Dr. Bill – The Computer Curmudgeon

I predict that streaming video, and Internet Protocol TV will continue to grow in audience.  Set-top boxes like the Roku box, and the Boxee Box will become even more popular, and more and more people will begin to get their TV fix from the net!

Chrome as an operating system will make decent this year, and there will be increasing interest in the Chrome based hardware that Google will introduce.  Also, Android will gain even more market share from the iPhone!

will become a “cause celeb” and will become more prominent as folks begin to push harder for Internet freedoms, as well as personal freedoms!  This will be compounded by the increase in personal expression, such as podcasts, video netcasts, and the like, in which individuals will become more important than corporations in producing news and entertainment programming!

Thoughts: Chrome as a browser is a good answer. However, Chrome as an OS still needs a lot more work. IPTV will definitely grow as the prices get more competitive.


And now for Geekazine’s predictions:

Apple: iPad2 will come out, dual core processor will mean applications like Photoshop lite can be used. iPhone5 will also have a dual core Apple processor. AppleTV will also get a software update and possibly an Application store is on it’s way.

Microsoft: The question will be “What’s next with Phone 7?” More to the point, can the Phone software be used in tablets and Over the Top TV?

PC’s: The PC industry will increase the core count to 18, the nm process will make the chips low in power and heat. Solid State Drives (SSD) will start to show up in the standard “Best Buy” notebook and desktop. USB 3.0 and SDXC connectors with 3G and 4G wireless.

Over the Top TV: Google will launch the next version of Google TV – this time with licensing from 1 of the major Networks. The question is, who would that be?

That same network will start to look at pushing their channels as applications. Comedy Central might be the first paid app channel.

Cisco still has to enter the Set Top Box market. So why shouldn’t Netgear buy Roku?

The TWIT network is planning some major updates when they move to the new building. They could even profit by making a series of flippable channels for viewers to consume.

3D TV: Don’t expect too many strides in this. Until a standard is set and TV’s come with that standard and a price tag of $400 for a 32 inch TV, people won’t really care too much.

Tablets: Dual core processors. Just like with the prediction of the iPad, a more powerful processor will mean applications that can compare with those on the PC. Photoshop, video editing, CAD computing?

Because of this, cloud computing will also start to flourish. After all, you can only put so much on a 64 GB tablet.

Smartphones: 4G phones. AT&T will be deploying their 4G networks, but it’s pretty late in the game. The question is: will a 4G iPhone be deployed for Verizon?

Yahoo: Well, expect more layoffs and profit losses. Yahoo might do better if they privatized.

Facebook: 600 million users? What would be the next “get your friends to build points” game? Will Facebook buy some of those applications like Instagram? Only time will tell.

Twitter: Monitization. We’ll see more focused ads in Twitter which will drive privacy concerns.

Other: Mobile applications in cars will grow. Smart cars will allow you to Twitter and Facebook safely while driving.

The Impossible becomes Possible:

Duke Nukem Comes out.

What are your predictions? Feel free to comment below:

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