A Look at Android SDK 1.0

I downloaded the (Software Development Kit) the other day to play with . Although it’s not an , it will definitely give me an idea of what to expect. I am hoping it will go on an older phone. We’ll see.

At first I had some difficulties loading up the module. I decided to use JAVA to play with it, so I updated the JAVA engine. All loaded up just fine after.

The Main Screen looked pretty straightforward. I was able to add Apps to the desktop. All the buttons worked pretty well, including the sound buttons on the side.

The Maps Feature was very easy to load up. I found where I am pretty quickly. Now I need loactions of the local coffee shops….

I made some prank phone calls. No biggie because they didn’t go anywhere, right? If not and if you are in China, I apologize for the phone call. 😉

Applications looked pretty straightforward. Played with a couple MP3 and paint programs. FingerPaint was cool and I didn’t even get my hands full of paint.

Geekazine does have a Mobile version of the site installed. However, this looks so much better! I wonder how the podcast will download?

All in all the SDK looked pretty sweet. I can’t wait to put this on a phone. Anyone got a spare Smartphone they would like to donate to Geekazine to test on? I’ll even take the G1 or if you want to send them to me..

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