Ashton Kutcher, CNN and Oprah Winfrey – Breaking Glass Ceilings

Ashton hit 1 million – he was the first – on . is at 83,000. , Ellen, Jimmy Fallon, and Shaq are those who make the top list of Twitter Followed profiles.

It seems Twitter is getting us closer to people we see on Radio, TV and Movies. You can find out what someone is doing from wherever you and they are. You can use your , phone, or mental telepathy – if you have an written for it.

Then there is the chance that you might to @aplusk. Then you can say “Ashton talked back to me.” Well, maybe it’s his assistant who’s job it is to watch the twitter account. Even though Ashton is following 73, he can see all the @ replies.

There are those who are trying to find a way to get more . The best way would be if you did get a @ reply from Ashton. Really – it’s true: I have seen where I would @ a person, they would @ me back and I saw my jump up. And, No – it’s not all spammers and “Qwitters” (People that unfollow you after so many days hoping you will follow them).

Think about it – It’s like if you went to California, ran into Ashton and he said “Hey! Let’s go to and have a drink”. You walk up to the door and Ashton shakes hands with the security in the front, then says “Hey, this guy’s with me”. You then walk in without your name being on the guest list. All of a sudden you have people looking at you.

OK, I sensationalized the Twitter experience a little more than usual. But the same result is true. You have a few people going “I wonder what @geekazine is like…”

Now don’t expect to start @aplusk on every twitter he sends. It might get him to block you. It might get your account suspended by Twitter.

Twitter is a great tool to get your name across. If it wasn’t for the social Microblogger, I wouldn’t have met a lot of the people in my profession. I still have a lot to go. Maybe I’ll hit 1 million followers. I suppose I would need to create a million twitter accounts to do that….

BTW – twitter me @geekazine

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