Why I Cancelled Netflix and Switched to Amazon Prime


Why I Cancelled my Account

It’s really simple. I was tired of not seeing anything new. I was frustrated in looking at the new releases section on my , and seeing Rescue Me there for the last 6 months. I was annoyed at playing the game “Find a movie I really want to watch”.

Fact is, I stopped going to Netflix 3 weeks ago.

Crackle.com has more variety than Netflix, and it’s free! I was watching more of my HuluPlus subscription, also. It became very apparent to me that I didn’t watch this service anymore. So I finally ditched it.

Netflix Roku Screen

Netflix Roku Screen (Circled items Rescue Me, Workaholics, Eureka, and seem to have been in front of the "New" lists for almost 6 months.

I gave Netflix a Year to Fix…

It was this time last year that Netflix announced they were going to split the DVD rentals from streaming. I was catching some great movies on their , and not only had the 2 rental option, but also could watch live from my PC. In the last 6 months, I rarely see new releases. In fact, Rescue Me, Workaholics and Eureka have been at the front of their “New Releases” section for the majority of 6 months. Every now and then, they would get replaced by the Lincoln or Rango, but 2 weeks later, they were back in that list.

I don’t go to the theater and see the same 6 movies on the marquee. I don’t turn on the TV and see the same shows in the list. It’s not like they are updating with new episodes.

So I took the advice of movie #4 – Netflix Must Go (Ok, I know that wasn’t the title, but I thought it was funny…).

Switching to Prime – Why did I Do That?

To begin with, the movies were more plentiful. A lot of movies I’ve seen before, but these are titles I wouldn’t mind seeing again. After all – how many times can someone watch low-budget “National Lampoon” titles that got 1-2 stars?

Prime has other options – did you know you can rent books, too? Their lending library allows you to sit down with a good book when a movie isn’t available.

The free 2 day shipping is also an advantage, but I find I buy too many 3rd party products to see use in that. Nonetheless, I know that if it comes from Amazon, I’ll get it in 2 days for free!

Try Amazon Prime for 14 days – Get to Prime

It was a decision that took me a while to make. In the end, the only thing I’ll miss from Netflix is Arrested Development episodes that are suppose to be coming. I think I’ll get by…

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