Do We Need Whiter Teeth and a Flatter Stomach That Bad? Why You Might Not Want to Click.

Ad-Brite Ads

AdBlade Ads

I have seen these ads for a while on websites. Some are on the side panels, others are (like this one). Selecting the ad will take you to a website that looks like it’s someone’s . But the real question is: Are these ads legit, or deceiving?

Google has taken a stance to block these ads. They will put websites on notice to remove. Yet ad companies like AdBlade continue to push these ads.

One website took me to Beckysteeth dot com. It looked like a personal blog about a woman and her secret to getting whiter teeth. At the bottom was a link to get the products she mentioned.

I decided to do a little legwork. I found out that Beckysteeth was registered by , but the registration info was private. They did tell me what the DNS was. Moviecelltones dot com. Their info was available, however it was just as deceiving.

The owner of that site was Gary Bracken from Vacuums-defined in Utah. I called up moviecelltones and got no page – just the file system and a cgi-bin folder. I went over to vacuums-defined dot com but it didn’t load. The Name servers – myriadnetwork dot com – was failing.

Now in all reality – BeckysTeeth might not have anything to do with Moviecelltones. But reality tells me that when one nameserver is hiding another, you might want to raise the quills.

The other ads on this page are no different. One site  (myteethtrick dot com) even asked me “Are you sure you want to navigate away”, something that just annoys me immensely.

Now there may be valid ads on this page. might be asking moms to go back to school. There may be a trick to white teeth. But I think if I wanted to get white teeth, I’ll check with a site that is a little more reputable. says you should use Baking Soda and Strawberries. I like Strawberries. They are tasty.

Online fraud continues to be a big concern. From the Nigerian email scam to phishing schemes and even those “Web loyalty” offers that end up charging your credit card a monthly fee. The only way to counter is to simply educate the people. After all – next week it might not be teeth whiting. It might be zit cleaning, car scratch removal, lower heating bills, safely track your children or something else.

In the meantime, AdBlade continues to push these ads. If the company is not reputable: that’s O.K. AdBlade has no affiliation with that company and will gladly take their money. It’s a dirty and sleazy gimmick, but as I always say: Ignorance is no excuse. They continue to push the ads.

By the way – the pictures on some of these ads: don’t they look a little creepy? The guy on the refinance ad? What about the last picture? It really doesn’t look like this girl is getting her teeth whitened by a skin-colored laser treatment…

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