Finding the Right Network Protection for Your SMB for 2014

Last week I had a friend go through a major problem with his company — a cyber-attack happened and they lost data. I remember when it happened to me years ago. We built a strong infrastructure, but one wrong move by a overactive employee set us back a few months as we had to rebuild some vital databases.

When we talked about it, he thought they had the right protection. Looking into it deeper, they didn’t have any. It wasn’t a real surprise since this group is just starting out. It might even be a lucky move for them because the data loss could have been years worth of work.

Around this time, I report on my Day in Tech History podcast how many hackers attack during the holiday season. Heck, we just saw Target go into a major issue with their credit card system getting hacked. Small or large, hackers will try to get into any system just to say they did.

More important, these companies get up and dust off, but don’t fix the problem. In fact, One report says 1/3 of the companies hacked don’t build a plan for the next time it happens (

So what can you do for optimal Network Protection

First: Research and find a company that specializes in it. You can try to build your own, but why re-invent that wheel? 3rd party companies have already analyzed and put plans together for risk assessment. These companies do one thing and one thing only. Watch your networks for problems. They audit and report — which you can get on your schedule. Their evaluations could help keep your infrastructure secure.

Second: Ask others who they use and trust. You never know if they tell you about a company that wasn’t on your radar. Don’t forget to ask people on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or another social network you use.

Third: set the company you choose to a 6 month task. Communicate with them more than you ever will after that 6-month period. Doing something like this can help build trust and respect easily.

Finally, make your own plan of attack based on the companies plans. No one system is 100% safe. Having the plan together to rebuild and continue forward will save you from valuable down time.

For my friend, they are in the middle of researching a company to help. They have also put a new plan together in the meantime, starting with a better backup system.

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