First Weekend on Windows 7

Well on Friday I made the plunge and did the install. I took out the drive that held my XP , put in a clean drive and installed Windows 7 64-bit. The computer is an AM3 with 4 of memory, so it was plenty powerful to handle the OS.

The planning has been done for a couple months. All my important data is held on striped disks that could easily port over. The data was also backed up, so if Windows 7 corrupted, I could pull the important stuff back.

The install on the fresh drive took only an hour. It didn’t ask me to pop in a previous version, so I was happy about that. The only problem I ran into was on first DVD boot, the computer froze. It kept happening until I reset the BIOS. After that, it had no issues.


One of the first things I did was install Office 2007. I saw my first problem there, but it went away and I was off and running. I checked the Task Manager where I easily saw what programs were running 32 bit and which ones ran 64.

I have been installing items all weekend and have seen minimal issue. is having some small issues, but that is regarding the VST plugins. I installed Adobe products without . Tweetdeck loaded like a . Even the video editing software and loaded without issue.

Next up – Virtual XP mode. Downloaded the 470 MB file and installed. It asked me to reboot and loaded up just fine. I played with it for a while, but then thought “Why? I just took that OS off!”

Audio had a little issue – especially when I have my Logitech 9000 installed. It took over the default sound and wouldn’t let it go. I am hoping there are some driver updates for the Deck sound soon, because I lost the ability to monitor what I am recording. I check the “Listen” box, but the is to the point where I have to turn it back off.

Nonetheless, I have been getting the programs back on, to get back up and running. and Outlook are going to be the next major steps. I still have some data on the XP drive in which I have to transfer over.

I decided not to do the export – import simply because I didn’t want that to be a factor in any issue. The best thing to do is copy over files and re-setup programs. In the end, you don’t worry about bringing over problems.

The Anti-virus is still Avast. Nothing will change on my daily routine. I may have to turn off the themes – especially when I am podcasting. The reason why is because when the theme shifts, it might cause the recording to skip. I still have more tests to run on that, though.

Now I want a new Laptop so I can put Windows 7 on that…

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