Five Years of iTunes

Do you download via ? How about listen to great , shows and podcasts (like geekazine… hint hint) on the player?

Today marks the 5 year anniversary of iTunes – a corner of Apple’s market that had a hand in making the company so popular today. Here is a rough timeline of events in the last 5 years:


Apr. 28th 2003iTunes Launches
May 5th 2003iTunes hits 1 Million
Oct 16th 2003iTunes for Windows is launched
Dec 15th 200325 Million Downloads
Mar 15th 200450 Million Downloads
June16th 2004iTunes UK Launches
June 23rd 2004iTunes UK – 800K downloads
July 12th 2004100 Million Downloads
Sept 7th 2004iTunes Opens to other music players
Oct 15th 2004150 Million
Dec 3rd 2004iTunes Canada
Jan 24th 2005250 Million
May 10th 2005 iTunes
June 24th 2005iTunes UK – 50 Million
Aug 4th 2005iTunes Japan Launches
Aug 8th 20051 Million Downloads – iTunes Japan
Nov 7th 20051 Million Video Downloads
Nov 22nd 2005Apple Ranked 7th in Music Retailers 
Feb 24th 20061 Billion Downloads (Dr. Evil would be so proud;)
Apr. 2nd 2007EMI turns off DRM in iTunes
Aug 1st 20073 Billion Downloads
Apr 3rd 2008Apple Becomes #1 Retailer of Music
Apr 28th 200810 Million Songs

10 million songs, 10,000 plus music videos, 20,000 plus , 350 television shows, and 1000 feature films. Over 4 Billion songs have been downloaded since it’s inception.

Of course, the music store has seen it’s share of issues. The Beatles lawsuit for the “Apple Corp” name, the DRM issues and multiple companies claiming that they can match or even beat iTunes in songs. Still, five years later, it’s not only still here, but it’s on the top of the heap.

And the fun doesn’t stop there. Rumor of a program that will make your iPhone a Remote Controller and another article speculating iTunes will capture one quarter of Worldwide Music by 2012 has been talked about on the web today. With Apple TV, iPhones and iPods being sold daily, the numbers will increase – more and more will use the service for audio and video.

We congratulate iTunes Music Store for 5 years of great service. We also hope to see many more years of downloads.

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